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In private practice since 1997, Dr. Brosgol and his staff treat PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGY patients and patients of other ages with a variety of ...› Read More


Dr. Brosgol obtained his medical diploma at Moscow Medical and Dental School in Moscow, Russia, 1984. He conducted neurology specialty training ... › Read More


Dr. Brosgol takes on a functional integrative approach to diagnosis and treatment of neurologic patients. With such, neurologic symptoms ... › Read More


Please call 718.648.4567 to arrange an appointment at our Brooklyn office, or to speak with a staff member. Office Location and Hours ... › Read More

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  • 30 West End Avenue, Building 1
    Brooklyn, NY 11235
  • (718) 648-4567
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Our Services

Dr. Brosgol takes on a functional integrative approach to diagnosis and treatment of neurologic patients.

With such, neurologic symptoms (such as headache, fatigue, insomnia, low mood, and others) are considered not as much as symptoms needed just to get rid of, but as telltale signs of deeper underlying dysfunction.

Doctor inspects these symptoms as a detective, pulling them as strings to unravel complex cause-and-effect interplay of processes inside and outside of the person.

Detailed questionnaires, intuitive interviewing and history taking with attention given to minute details and modalities provides most of cues to the core of the problem.

Specific laboratory testing may open up long-time unseen but sometimes straightforward ways to healing.

Hidden and unexpected food and environmental sensitivities may manifest with neurologic symptoms. Detecting them with specialized tests (such as Immunoglobulin screening or ALCAT testing) can provide a tool to restore the balance.

Treatment plan may incorporate instructions on dietary and lifestyle modifications, elimination of offending factors, supplementation with essential nutrients and herbal supplements, restoration and healing of the internal balance. Protocols for detoxication are also discussed.

Doctor takes on a DAN ( Defeat Autism Now ) biological approach to the treatment of autistic spectrum disorders fostered by Autism Research Institute.

Reimbursement: Some of Dr. Brosgol's services are not covered by insurance plans.

Services Usually Covered by Insurances

  1. Neurologic, Developmental, and Behavioral Evaluations for:
    • ADHD in Children and Adults
    • Academic Underachievement
    • Developmental Disorders (developmental delay and mental retardation)
    • Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  2. Electro-diagnostic testing :
    • Routine EEG (electro-encephalography) in the office
    • Ambulatory (at home) and Inpatient Video-EEG monitoring
    • EMG and Nerve Conduction Studies for Neuro-muscular disorders
    • Computerized Testing of Attention (IVA-Plus Continuous Performance Test)
    • Expanded computerized Neuro-Cognitive Testing (NeuroTrax® Mindstreams Cognitive Test)
    • Testing of Evoked Potentials
  3. Vestibular System Evaluation and Treatment:
    • by using VNG and ocular motility testing (to assess vestibular, brain stem and cerebellar functioning)
    • canalith repositioning maneuvers for POSITIONAL VERTIGO treatment.
  4. Polysomnography, or whole night SLEEP STUDY in a laboratory setting

Services NOT Covered by Insurances

  • Management of issues beyond the scope of neurological practice
  • Food sensitivities testing (e.g., ALCAT) and treatment
  • Metabolic testing utilizing services of Metametrix®, Genova Diagnostics® laboratories
  • Treatment of autism according to DAN approach
  • Detoxication protocols, treatment with alternative, complimentary and herbal therapies
  • Nutritional counseling

Typical Fee Schedule:

  • $450 per hour; (e.g., initial evaluation, complex follow up meeting)
  • $225 per half hour (typical follow up encounter)

Please inquire within about other applicable fees.