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In private practice since 1997, Dr. Brosgol and his staff treat PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGY patients and patients of other ages with a variety of ...› Read More


Dr. Brosgol obtained his medical diploma at Moscow Medical and Dental School in Moscow, Russia, 1984. He conducted neurology specialty training ... › Read More


Dr. Brosgol takes on a functional integrative approach to diagnosis and treatment of neurologic patients. With such, neurologic symptoms ... › Read More


Please call 718.648.4567 to arrange an appointment at our Brooklyn office, or to speak with a staff member. Office Location and Hours ... › Read More

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Patient Education

The following articles contain helpful information on a wide range of pediatric and neurological topics

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Pediatric Sleep Disorders

Information Regarding Medications used in Neurological Practice

Clonidine - PDF
Cymbalta - PDF
Depakote - PDF
Geodon - PDF
Guanfacine - PDF
Imipramine - PDF
Lamictal - PDF
Lexapro - PDF
Lyrica - PDF
Neurontin - PDF
Nortriptyline - PDF
Orap - PDF
Provigil - PDF
Prozac - PDF
Risperdal - PDF
Stimulants - PDF
Strattera - PDF
Tegretol - PDF
Topamax - PDF
Trileptal - PDF
Wellbutrin - PDF

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