Neurology Continuum, P.C. Yuri Brosgol, M.D.

Board-Certified Child Neurologist,
Specializing in Functional Neurologic Conditions in Children and Adolescents.

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To make it simple, we all are affected by two disease processes: Organic or Functional.

  • Organic diseases, or "HARDWARE PROBLEMS". These are caused by physical damage to body organs and tissues.
    These might be caused by infections, autoimmune inflammation, toxic exposures, tumors, traumas, genetic and metabolic defects, and so on.
  • Functional conditions or "SOFTWARE PROBLEMS".
    When the system goes "out of sync" within itself.
    This occurs, when internal functional links go "the wrong way", without apparent physical damage to the organs.

Where is The Wisdom?

The Wisdom is to see which one prevails, or HOW THEY COMBINE.
At times, "SOFTWARE" problems get kicked off by initial "HARDWARE" damage. The healing time passes, the physical breakdown is restored, but the lost function fails to come back.
For instance, the arm fracture heals completely, but the "WEAKNESS", "NUBMNESS", and "LOSS OF USE" of the limb persists beyond the expected healing time.

Or a minor car accident results in prolonged headaches and back pains.
Or a bright child just "does not make it" in school.
Or a person with seizures develops "spells" that are not epileptic.

Other Examples of "SOFTWARE" or "FUNCTIONAL" neurologic conditions:

  • Academic and behavioral problems in a normally developing child or in a child with isolated developmental delays.
  • Persistently low mood, anger and anxiety
  • Poor Memory/Concentration, Word Finding Difficulties (without Alzheimer dementia)
  • Slurred Speech and Blurry Vision (without a stroke)
  • Persistent Falling or Drop Attacks (with or without epilepsy)
  • Chronic Unexplained Fatigue
  • Persistent insomnia
  • Functional Jerks, Twitches, Shaking, and Spasms
  • Chronic persisting pain in any part of the body, including the head.
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  • Extended Post-Concussion Syndrome
  • Chronic Subjective Dizziness and Walking Problems
  • Chronic limb weakness (without detected paralysis)

Are Functional Disorders Real? Aren't they just "in my head"?

  • Yes, they are as real as any SOFTWARE PROGRAMMING is real.
  • Your mind is a reality. Everything that has to do with your mind is real and must be taken care of.

Are Functional Disorders Treatable?

  • Yes, they are very treatable.
  • However, their treatment requires COMMITMENT and substantial EFFORT, because RE-PROGRAMMING of a system is more difficult and takes more energy and time than starting up the program from scratch.

Can a PHYSICAL condition lurk behind a FUNCTIONAL symptom?

  • Yes. Functional symptoms might be a telltale sign of an underlying physical dysfunction.
    The good example is HEADACHE: it can be caused by underlying chronic infection, toxic exposure, improper diet, insufficient hydration, abnormal sleep.
  • The same pertains to fatigue, mental fog and forgetfulness.
  • Imbalance and dizziness can be symptoms of a brain tumor.
  • Acute onset of Tics and Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms may be caused by autoimmune attack at the nervous system such as PANDAS or PANS

  • Child Neurology Brooklyn
  • 30 West End Avenue, Building 1
    Brooklyn, NY 11235
  • (718) 648-4567
  • (316) 348-8303
  • Appointments and Contact